About Us

Behind Swiss Bread are two young entrepreneurs André Broglie and Tanja Gugger. With a background in hospitality and after having worked in some of the finest hotels and restaurants across the world, we decided to join forces and our passion for food to build our own company, Swiss Bread Ltd when we were only 27 years old.

“A young company for an old tradition”


We pride ourselves in offering all our customers the best quality products but also the best customer service. We have a wide selection of breads and pastries to suit all your needs from breakfast to dinner, functions and events.

People often think that there is no good meal without a good wine and we tend to agree! But we also truly believe that accompanying great food with the most special and delicious bread is very important as well!

Our bread is healthy, delicious and nutritious. Most of our products are hand-made with only the highest quality organic ingredients from Switzerland. There is no “good enough”, only the best will do!

We also know that it’s not always possible to produce fresh bread every day. Therefore we offer you the best solution: part-baked frozen bread that doesn’t compromise on quality or taste. This means you can offer your guests freshly baked bread whenever you need.
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